If you haven’t yet seen it, check out my You Should be Playing Rocket League video on Cyberphile’s YouTube channel. I’m pretty happy with the final product.

I’ve been playing some more Majora’s Mask 3D and have done everything I feel like doing before entering the Great Bay temple. Now I just gotta wait for my friend to catch up. Hopefully we can bang it out in the next few nights before I go back up to college for work and school.

Moving right along, I’ve gotta get some recording done for my next video, so I’m throwing around a few ideas and may end up with some Let’s Play videos. My current ideas are either a classic DOOM You Should be Playing video, or doing a Let’s Play series of Gravity Rush Remastered, as Gravity Rush 2’s release date is rapidly approaching. I have a few other ideas too, but I don’t want to make any promises.

Make sure you keep up with Cyberphile’s Twitch and Twitter to see when streaming happens, as whatever I stream tends to be what the next video is on. Stay tuned!