Haven’t really had much time with the new semester starting and everything. I’ve been working pretty hard on studying and applying myself for classes (for a change). I’ve got some difficult math courses this semester, so I really need to buckle down if I intend to stick with this major.

The little bit of free time I’ve had though I’ve spent on Link’s Awakening DX, the first Game Boy Legend of Zelda. It’s actually pretty good, despite being a lot more kid friendly than other entries… I mean, there’s a boss that taunts you with “neener neener”. I kid you not. I don’t think it’s as good as Link to the Past, but any 2D Zelda fan should give it a shot. It seems a little more forgiving about where to go and what to do next too, as there are little houses that you can enter and call up a guy for hints. It’s worth a play so far, and there are a few items that are pretty unique, like the Roc’s Feather that lets you jump. Some portions of dungeon go into a 2D side scroller mode, that I personally feel are much better than Zelda II’s gameplay, if less in depth.

Discussion is always welcome in these “What’cha Doin'” posts. You’re welcome to talk about what you’re doin’ in the comments, for sure.