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Mother/Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings – NES Review — April 28, 2017

Mother/Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings – NES Review

My Mother/Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings review is now live! You can read the full review from the Review page, or by clicking here.

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Here’s the bottom line if you don’t have time to read the full review:


  • Great story, world, and dialogue.
  • Fantastic soundtrack.
  • Brilliant, quirky, and unconventional, especially for its time.


  • The constant need to grind, due to the imbalance of enemy difficulty.
  • Clunky inventory management and menus.
  • The lack of telling you what’s important, as far as PSI and key-items go.

Final Score: 8/10

Mother is not for everyone, for sure, but I personally love it. It’s more of a 9/10 for me, but if you’re gonna review games, you gotta be a critic. If you liked Earthbound, I think you’ll really enjoy Mother, as much of the story is told in the same way, through events, not so much through dialogue. Mother is about the adventure itself, and knowing that at the end of it all, you can go always home to your Mother, and everything will be alright.

50+ Subscribers! — April 13, 2017

50+ Subscribers!

Hey everybody! I want to thank everyone who is supporting CyberphileTV, the YouTube channel. We’ve hit over 50 (now 60!) subscribers, and I really appreciate you all taking some time to watch my videos.

Other than obviously playing Salt and Sanctuary for video purposes, I’ve been playing Persona 5. Seeing as I’m a huge Persona fan, I’d love to have more time to play it, but time has been tight, between school, work, and preparing/recording/editing of the Salt and Sanctuary videos. That said, I jut finished the second dungeon, and I’m loving everything about it so far: the characters, the presentation, the gameplay changes from 4… I’m really impressed.

At any rate, thank you for supporting Cyberphile and I hope you all enjoy what’s to come!

New Highly Anticipated Series: Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough – From the Depths! — April 3, 2017

New Highly Anticipated Series: Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough – From the Depths!

Finally, I started my long/much anticipated lore video series on Salt and Sanctuary, titled, From the Depths.

On this introductory episode, there is no real gameplay (thus, Episode 0), but the backstory of the Nameless Kingdom is immensely important in the overarching story of Salt and Sanctuary, so I wanted to go ahead and get this heavy lifting out of the way as a means to prepare you for what’s to come.

Read the Drowned Tome Here ►

More coming soon!