Cyberphile – noun – Cy·ber·phi·le \ˈsī-bər-faī-l – A word hybridizing cyber and phil (philo), (Greek) meaning loving; the love of all things electronic.
Welcome to Cyberphile, a site mostly about gaming, but also devoted to other interests of mine including, but not limited to: Video games, anime, manga, and electronics in general. Here you can find reviews, what I’ve been playing (or watching) and why, find out what games are worth playing, and my Best Games Ever list, (a list of my all time favorite games and why) and many others.

As Cyberphile grows, I’ll be adding more pages and more content, hopefully at the rate of 1 post every weekday, no matter how small. Feel free to comment your thoughts on my posts; I’d love to have some great discussion. You can click “Cyberphile” at the top of any page at any time to take you to the home page.

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