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Mother/Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings – NES Review — April 28, 2017

Mother/Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings – NES Review

My Mother/Earthbound Zero/Earthbound Beginnings review is now live! You can read the full review from the Review page, or by clicking here.

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Here’s the bottom line if you don’t have time to read the full review:


  • Great story, world, and dialogue.
  • Fantastic soundtrack.
  • Brilliant, quirky, and unconventional, especially for its time.


  • The constant need to grind, due to the imbalance of enemy difficulty.
  • Clunky inventory management and menus.
  • The lack of telling you what’s important, as far as PSI and key-items go.

Final Score: 8/10

Mother is not for everyone, for sure, but I personally love it. It’s more of a 9/10 for me, but if you’re gonna review games, you gotta be a critic. If you liked Earthbound, I think you’ll really enjoy Mother, as much of the story is told in the same way, through events, not so much through dialogue. Mother is about the adventure itself, and knowing that at the end of it all, you can go always home to your Mother, and everything will be alright.

50+ Subscribers! — April 13, 2017

50+ Subscribers!

Hey everybody! I want to thank everyone who is supporting CyberphileTV, the YouTube channel. We’ve hit over 50 (now 60!) subscribers, and I really appreciate you all taking some time to watch my videos.

Other than obviously playing Salt and Sanctuary for video purposes, I’ve been playing Persona 5. Seeing as I’m a huge Persona fan, I’d love to have more time to play it, but time has been tight, between school, work, and preparing/recording/editing of the Salt and Sanctuary videos. That said, I jut finished the second dungeon, and I’m loving everything about it so far: the characters, the presentation, the gameplay changes from 4… I’m really impressed.

At any rate, thank you for supporting Cyberphile and I hope you all enjoy what’s to come!

New Highly Anticipated Series: Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough – From the Depths! — April 3, 2017

New Highly Anticipated Series: Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough – From the Depths!

Finally, I started my long/much anticipated lore video series on Salt and Sanctuary, titled, From the Depths.

On this introductory episode, there is no real gameplay (thus, Episode 0), but the backstory of the Nameless Kingdom is immensely important in the overarching story of Salt and Sanctuary, so I wanted to go ahead and get this heavy lifting out of the way as a means to prepare you for what’s to come.

Read the Drowned Tome Here ►

More coming soon!

Blaster Master Zero – Nintendo 3DS Review — March 28, 2017

Blaster Master Zero – Nintendo 3DS Review

My Blaster Master Zero review is now live! You can read the full review from the Review page, or by clicking here.

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Here’s the bottom line if you don’t have time to read the full review:


  • A unique and fun take on the Metroidvania genre.
  • Two vastly different styles of gameplay really help to break up the monotony of just one type or the other.
  • Beautiful presentation and awesome boss designs.
  • Plenty of unique mechanics to keep things fresh.


  • WAY too easy.
  • Fall damage is an annoyance.

Final Score: 9/10

I liked Blaster Master Zero a lot, and if it were jut a little bit more challenging, I think it may have scored even higher than its already great score. Blaster Master Zero is Out on both 3DS and Switch for a mere $10!

New Let’s Play Series: Duke Nukem 3D — March 22, 2017

New Let’s Play Series: Duke Nukem 3D

Hey, everybody. Firstly, an announcement: Wordpress has notified me that I have 100 likes on Cyberphile posts on WordPress! Thank you everyone for your support!

In other news, Episode 1 of my new Let’s Play series: Duke Nukem 3D World Tour – 20th Anniversary is now uploaded! I hope you enjoy this new series and new intro to CyberphileTV’s videos – I’ve been working quite hard on it! This is a mostly blind playthrough, as in the past, I’ve only played through 2 and a half levels of Duke 3D. This time we’re going all out! I have a ton more ideas for videos and stuff, just no real time to act on it all, due to the lack of time between school, work, and schoolwork. Bear with me though, and the cream will rise to the top!


Check it Out! – Samurai Champloo — March 20, 2017

Check it Out! – Samurai Champloo

Managed to put out another Check it Out! video, this time for Samurai Champloo… So, uh, check it out! I’m pretty happy with the editing and the thumbnail, and I hope everyone else likes this one too. I’m currently caught up in a copyright dispute with BandaiChannel for this video so no views go toward any revenue or anything for me, at least for now, but that’s fine. Hopefully you enjoy all the same.

Long Time no See! — March 17, 2017

Long Time no See!

Hey, how’s it going? It’s been a decent while since I’ve last posted here, and that’s just due to the nature of college. Last two weeks have been pretty heavy on schoolwork, especially due to mid terms, and it probably doesn’t help that the little free time I have had I’ve been spending on Animal Crossing: New Leaf: an absolute life-eater, for sure. That said, I’m working on a bunch of new, quality content for CyberphileTV (the YouTube channel), starting with my coverage of PAX East, which I uploaded a little earlier than usual today. I’m going to be working on a video review of Samurai Champloo as well as talking a bit about one of my favorite bands and the story behind their music: The Protomen. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel for all that juicy content. Without further ado: Here’s Cyberphile at PAX East 2017!

Ninja Senki DX- PlayStation 4 Review — February 28, 2017

Ninja Senki DX- PlayStation 4 Review

My Ninja Senki DX review is now live! You can read the full review from the Review page, or by clicking here.

Check the About page for links to Cyberphile accounts on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube!

Here’s the bottom line if you don’t have time to read the full review:


  • Fun, fast-paced NES style sidescroller.
  • Enjoyable level and enemy design.
  • A multitude of modes, challenges, and endings creates good replay value.


  • There’s really nothing here you haven’t seen in other platformers before.
  • The smallness of the screen creates a false difficulty due to fast moving enemies and a trial and error style approach to problem solving.

Final Score: 8/10

Ninja Senki DX is a good game, no doubt. Any fan of Mega Man and other NES sidescrollers will feel right at home in Ninja Senki DX, but it fails to bring anything new to the table, and the smallness of the screen will create more frustration than challenge.

What’cha Playin’? 2/27/17 – Ninja Senki DX — February 27, 2017

What’cha Playin’? 2/27/17 – Ninja Senki DX

It was a bad weekend to be a For Honor fan. Saturday afternoon (around 3pm, EST) Ubisoft’s For Honor servers went down and stayed down until at least 3am (probably later, but I had gone to bed at that point). At around midnight you could play with bots, but PvP was pretty much down the entire day. Sucks. So I had to find something else to play. I ended up trying out Ninja Senki DX on PS4, one of the free PlayStation Plus titles. And I ended up really liking it!

Ninja Senki DX is like a classic NES or Gameboy classic side scroller, not unlike Mega Man. You’ll jump, double jump, shoot throw ninja stars, and maneuver through 16 stages killing everything in your path all the while collecting coins in mythological Japanese style environments. The princess gets killed by a mysterious white ninja, and it’s up to you to hunt him down and get your revenge. Each stage is populated with a number of Japanese monsters, ghosts and enemy ninja, and the design never failed to keep me interested.

I actually want to do a Let’s Play on Ninja Senki DX, so I’ll talk more about it at a later date and write up a full review on it.

What’cha Watchin’? – Samurai Champloo — February 21, 2017

What’cha Watchin’? – Samurai Champloo

Thanks to For Honor, I’ve been in a samurai mood, so I figured it was time to catch up on some samurai anime that I’ve never finished. First on the list is Samurai Champloo. If you’ve never seen it, Samurai Champloo is like, hip hop samurai, the animation. There’s lots of hip hop music and a lot of transitions from scene to scene are done with record scratches. It creates this neat balance between modern and historical.

Samurai Champloo follows three characters and fate’s constant need to throw them together. I’m only three episodes in so far, but bear with me here. Firstly, you’ve got the samurai Mugen, the trash talking, bad mouthing, unconventional badass, who fights in this wacky sort of almost breakdance, and even though he’s sloppy, he still fights like the best of them. In stark contrast, there’s the samurai Jin, who’s quiet and proper, and fights like the stereotypical anime samurai: faster than light and finishes battles before they start. Finally, there’s Fuu, the only women in the motley crew, the orphan waitress who is looking for a very peculiar person: a samurai who smells of sunflowers.

On the first episode, Mugen, Jin, and Fuu all get caught up in a battle with a local lord. In a misunderstanding, Mugen and Jin end up  doing battle in Fuu’s workplace, a  now burning to the ground teahouse. They are inevitably captured and sentenced to public execution, when Fuu sneaks in and offers to break them out under one condition: they help her find this sunflower-smelling samurai. Fuu ends up using her feminine charm to purchase some fireworks that she uses like bombs to create enough of a distraction for Jin and Mugen to escape. Though Mugen and Jin desperately want to finish their fight in the teahouse, Fuu makes them promise not to kill each other until they keep her promise. Begrudgingly, the team starts their journey.

Samurai Champloo is entertaining, crude, and an awesome watch, so far. Episodes often revolve around some sort of misunderstanding between the three of them and their attempts to secure either food, or money for food, as they’re all quite poor. It’s a fun watch for sure, and I’ll talk about it again once I’m a bit farther into it.

At any rate, what other samurai anime should I be watching? I’d love to you hear what your favorite samurai anime are in the comments.