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New Highly Anticipated Series: Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough – From the Depths! — April 3, 2017

New Highly Anticipated Series: Salt and Sanctuary Lore-Enhanced Walkthrough – From the Depths!

Finally, I started my long/much anticipated lore video series on Salt and Sanctuary, titled, From the Depths.

On this introductory episode, there is no real gameplay (thus, Episode 0), but the backstory of the Nameless Kingdom is immensely important in the overarching story of Salt and Sanctuary, so I wanted to go ahead and get this heavy lifting out of the way as a means to prepare you for what’s to come.

Read the Drowned Tome Here ►

More coming soon!

New Let’s Play Series: Duke Nukem 3D — March 22, 2017

New Let’s Play Series: Duke Nukem 3D

Hey, everybody. Firstly, an announcement: Wordpress has notified me that I have 100 likes on Cyberphile posts on WordPress! Thank you everyone for your support!

In other news, Episode 1 of my new Let’s Play series: Duke Nukem 3D World Tour – 20th Anniversary is now uploaded! I hope you enjoy this new series and new intro to CyberphileTV’s videos – I’ve been working quite hard on it! This is a mostly blind playthrough, as in the past, I’ve only played through 2 and a half levels of Duke 3D. This time we’re going all out! I have a ton more ideas for videos and stuff, just no real time to act on it all, due to the lack of time between school, work, and schoolwork. Bear with me though, and the cream will rise to the top!


Have you Brought the Boom Lately? (Explicit) — February 8, 2017

Have you Brought the Boom Lately? (Explicit)

Yesterday I was feeling inspired, and due to my multiple Bloodborne characters, I have become recently fond of the Boom Hammer, a hammer than you can prime for explosions on hit. It’s really cool. I’ve become SO FOND of this weapon, that I wrote this fictional Bloodborne ad of it that was really well received in the Bloodborne Subreddit. Here it is:


Holy shit, the Boom Hammer is so fucking satisfying. L1, and your hammer is primed and ready for an explosive exploration of some poor beast’s skull cavity. Remember using the Stake Driver? Standing around with your thumb up your ass as you wait for the boom? Not Boom Hammer. Boom Hammer is ready to Boom every. Single. Hit. You don’t need to dance around like a goddamned fairy twirling your pansy little whip. Bring the boom. Lose your Boom prematurely? (It’s okay, happens to everyone.) Just L1 mid combo to ignite with a poke that makes Thor’s Hammer look 2 inches hard. There’s only two booms with the Boom Hammer: The boom of your jumping R2, and the boom of the enemy hitting the floor wall.


  • BOOM


  • Bitch, there’s no cons to bringing the boom! Maybe if you skipped E-Day, your little wet noodle arms will only swing it once before nap time, but that’s your problem, not Boom Hammer’s.

Shoulda called it the Bang Hammer or the Poon Hammer with how much you’ll be swimming in drenched panties.

This advertisement brought to you by the Powder Kegs.

Remember than another episode of Let’s Play Bloodborne comes out later today on the YouTube channel, so go check that out if you’d like.

My Life is a Never-Ending Torrent of Editing — February 6, 2017

My Life is a Never-Ending Torrent of Editing

Hey, how’s it going? My life is a never-ending torrent of editing Let’s Play episodes. That said, it’s not a bad thing, as I’m well ahead of my upload schedule and I’m learning and improving with each episode, both in editing, and in commentary. So hopefully the low-energy beginning of my Bloodborne Let’s Play doesn’t scare you away!

Also, call me crazy, but I’m playing 2 files of Bloodborne right now: one for my Let’s Play, and one to play while my next episode is rendering. This gives me some time to see what’s ahead and plan my commentary accordingly, but also a chance to use weapons I haven’t touched in my previous playthroughs, like my current love, the Boom Hammer. It’s so cool.

Lastly, this upcoming weekend, For Honor, a sword fighting game I’ve been excited for over the past few weeks, has a free open beta. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some serious playtime in on it, and maybe even get some streaming done, unlike my unsuccessful Bloodborne streaming session last weekend.

Here’s the latest episode of my Bloodborne Let’s Play; another episode goes up this afternoon!

2/2/17 – 10 Subscribers! — February 2, 2017

2/2/17 – 10 Subscribers!

School sucks. It eats up all my time and I don’t have time to play anything or edit the episodes of Let’s Play Bloodborne, which, again, sucks. That said, I’ve reached 10 subscribers on my Youtube channel! Hurray! It’s all about the little victories, haha. I hope to keep improving, and I have some ideas to improve my Let’s Plays, but it probably won’t take effect for a little while, just so you know.

New Episode of Let’s Play Bloodborne — February 1, 2017
What’cha Playin’ 1/31/17 – Bloodborne — January 31, 2017

What’cha Playin’ 1/31/17 – Bloodborne

I totally forgot to upload this post yesterday. I had it all written and ready to go by the time my next episode of my Bloodborne Let’s Play came out… And I completely forgot. Anyway…

This weekend I got to go home for the first time since the start of the semester for some much appreciated R&R. I got to spend some time with friends, family, and was able to record a bunch of episodes in my Let’s Play Bloodborne series. In fact, a new episode is up right now! Every Monday and Wednesday is a Let’s Play upload, and Friday could be any video, though it could certainly just be another episode of said Let’s Play. At any rate, here’s the next episode of Let’s Play Bloodborne!

New Video Series Started: Let’s Play Bloodborne! — January 27, 2017

New Video Series Started: Let’s Play Bloodborne!

I’m proud to announce Cyberphile’s first Let’s Play: Bloodborne. If I can keep up with the pace, you can expect a new (roughly 15 minute) episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’d like to have three videos a week going with Monday and Wednesday being strictly Let’s Plays and Friday either being a continuation of said Let’s Play or another video altogether. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

Here’s the link to the first episode in the series. I hope you enjoy!

What’cha Doin’? 1/26/17 – Editing — January 26, 2017

What’cha Doin’? 1/26/17 – Editing

Mondays and Wednesdays are always brutal as far as school work goes, so I get little opportunity to actually play or do anything, usually. That said, I did get to play a little more Oracle of Ages; I made it to some island where a bunch of little jerks stole all of my stuff. I’m in the process of getting it back, but I’m hating this portion…

Next, I’ve finished editing a couple of episodes for a Let’s Play series. Expect the first episode to be posted tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll have time to record some more episodes soon. If I have enough, I’ll be able to upload Let’s Play Episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Fingers crossed!

What’cha Playin’? 1/11/16 — January 11, 2017

What’cha Playin’? 1/11/16

I started playing Gravity Rush Remastered today! So good. I love the art style and sound design a lot. There’s quite a bit to say about its world building and atmosphere… I love it… So you can expect a Let’s Play series on it! It’ll be my first Let’s Play in years, so I hope you all enjoy it… I’ll be very busy over the next few weeks with my on campus job starting up as well as classes again… So don’t be disappointed if content is slim for a bit; I just don’t have the time to do everything I want to do.

I also finished reading the first part of the Ghost in the Shell manga; I’ll be moving on to #2 soon.