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What’cha Playin’? 5/31/16 — May 31, 2016

What’cha Playin’? 5/31/16

Again, not too exciting. Playing Overwatch, and a little bit of the only DOOM I haven’t beaten: Final DOOM. I’ve already completed TNT: Evilution and am currently on Map 22: Impossible Mission on the Plutonia Experiment. That means I’m less than 10 stages from having beaten every DOOM there is! Well, official DOOMs anyway; getting into the modded and fan made sea of DOOM is a never ending source of DOOM of course, but I’m happy with the unmodded versions. Then I need to beat DOOM 2 again; I’ve only beaten it once, and I need to really give it another try so I can write a good DOOM 2 write up.

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What’cha Doin’? 5/30/16 — May 30, 2016

What’cha Doin’? 5/30/16

It’s been a fairly uneventful weekend for my gaming and watching habits. I played a ton of Overwatch, a bit of Castlevania, (the original on the NES, check out its best game ever review here, if you haven’t.) and a little Metal Slug and Andro Dunos on my Neo Geo MVS cabinet. I’m thinking maybe I’ll do a bit of a video for my collection soon; it’s not that big, but it’s not that small either. I like collecting things, after all.

I also watched the 8th episode of Kiznaiver, which seems like they’re setting up for a heart-wrenching episode 9.

These “What’cha Doin’?” posts are designed to spark discussion, so feel free to post in the comments what you’ve been playin’, watchin’, or listenin’ to lately.

What’cha Playin’? – 5/25/16 – Overwatch — May 25, 2016

What’cha Playin’? – 5/25/16 – Overwatch

Now that Overwatch is officially out, that’s what I’ve been up to. Platinum trophy secured in DOOM, I’m moving on. Today’s a short post just providing some links for all of the really cool Overwatch animated shorts and comics. Check ’em out!

Animated Shorts



What’cha Playin’? – 5/10/16 Overwatch Beta Nonstop — May 10, 2016

What’cha Playin’? – 5/10/16 Overwatch Beta Nonstop

Greetings. Sorry for my lack of a post yesterday, but not only did I have a very busy day at work, but all of my free time (of the little there was) had to go to the Overwatch beta. Having been extended until today, I had to get as much play in as possible because it’s that good.

I already gave a brief overview of what Overwatch is last post, but today I want to explain why it’s so good.

I think Blizzard put together an amazingly polished game. From the get-go, the game grabs your attention with the characters, all of which are absolutely EXPLODING with personality. Each character has their own unique backstory, style, and abilities. Visually no two characters are the same, and mechanically, they couldn’t be more different. Even just the 6 attack characters are so wildly different that you’ll need to utilize a different strategy for each one. But you don’t have 6 characters. You have 21. That’s 21 unique characters to learn and love. Getting bored with your main character and their playstyle? Just pick any of the other 20 characters and try something different. You never know, you just might end up really liking a character you never expected to. I know I did.

Not only are the characters unique, but they are very well balanced. While I’m sure some would argue about balance (some of those arguments may be slightly justified too) ultimately, each character has things they excel in and other things they aren’t so great at. This makes each character weak to a different character. No one character is a real jack of all trades (though Soldier: 76 comes close) or is too powerful. If you keep smashing your head against the proverbial wall, getting killed by one character over and over, try switching up your playstyle or your hero altogether. You just may be surprised that that unbeatable character moments ago is now suffering to your more effective character choice.

Character choice is immensely important. It’s important to have a diverse team with many different roles so that your team has all of the bases covered. The game will inform you if you’re missing an integral part of a team, and I would implore you to go out of your comfort zone to try those other characters. You might end up really appreciating them. It also encourages team play so that characters are playing effectively off of each other.

In addition to revealing character dialogue in game, Blizzard has been building a fantastic and interesting lore outside of the game though animated shorts and one off comics. Check ’em out. The Pixar quality animated shorts are enough to get you interested in the world of Overwatch for sure.

I’m sad that the beta is over, but I can’t wait for the actual release (and hopefully a little more content and game modes) on the 24th of this month. At least it give me plenty of time to play the new Doom. 3 days!

What’cha Playin’? – 5/6/16 – Overwatch Open Beta — May 6, 2016

What’cha Playin’? – 5/6/16 – Overwatch Open Beta

Wow. Overwatch is amazing. It’s all I played yesterday. It’s all I wanted to play yesterday.

Overwatch is a 6-on-6 team FPS. Sounds simple and normal enough, right? Well, like any team based shooter, you have different roles of each character. In the beta, you have the option between 21(!) different heroes, some from each role: offense, defense, tank, and support. A good team requires a healthy balance of each character, and a basic understanding of your map and objective. For example, if you’re to defend an area, you may want to invest in some defense heroes.

Offense heroes excel at putting out damage, but are the frailest characters, so hopping in and out of the fray is necessary. For example, one hero can actually teleport around the map, and go back in time to negate damage done to her, assuming she isn’t dead. Defense heroes skills help protect areas by setting up walls or turrets. They tend to have a bit more health than offense characters. Your tanks have a massive amount of HP and can often shield the rest of the team or objective. And support characters can heal, give speed boosts, or even revive allies in a time of need.

Each of the 20 characters play very differently. I haven’t played very many team-based shooters in the past, but of the few I have played, Overwatch excels. Each character is completely different and requires you to play much differently than the rest. If you’re getting bored of one character, simply switch it up! The amount of variation between each character is truly amazing.

The presentation is a cartoony style, and it works very well with Overwatch. The characters and world blend together wonderfully.

As you complete matches, you can level up, unlocking random items that you can customize your character with. Anything from new voice effects, skins, or spray paints to spray on walls for fun.

I highly recommend trying out Overwatch. After all, the beta is free! I’ve already preordered Overwatch in anticipation for its release on the 24th.

These “What’cha Playin’?” posts are designed to spark discussion, so feel free to post in the comments what you’ve been playin’, watchin’, or listenin’ to lately.

What’cha Playin’? – 5/5/16 — May 5, 2016

What’cha Playin’? – 5/5/16

Happy Cinco de Mayo for those who it applies to.

I’ve just been plugging away at the usual suspects. Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign, Rocket League, Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, and Zombi.

I also tried one of May’s PlayStation Plus titles, Table Top Racing: World Tour. It’s pretty neat, and when I need a Mario Kart style game, It can scratch that itch. While it doesn’t have the kind of personality Mario Kart has, it does have power ups that you can use to cruise your way to victory. I’ve only just begun, but it looks like there are weapons you can attach to your wheels too, that you can operate based on a cooldown. It’s a fun, combat racing game on a table top, and you can run into various obstacles, sending them all over the race track, such as oil bottles, bread rolls, and sushi. There are various challenges, such as time trial, and fastest lap challenges, but again, I’ve only scratched the surface. We’ll see how it hold up once I give it more of a chance. I just wish there was local multiplayer.

Starting today and going to the 9th is Overwatch’s open Beta on PS4. I’m looking forward to trying it out! I’ll get back to you about it tomorrow!

These “What’cha Playin’?” posts are designed to spark discussion, so feel free to post in the comments what you’ve been playin’, watchin’, or listenin’ to lately.